The best 80s fashion for boys

I realised I’ve selfishly been writing about vintage and retro fashion for girls and completely left BOYS out.

So here’s me sharing my invaluable advice on how to look great if you’re a guy and you’d like to spice up your wardrobe with some classic 80s fashion. Typical 80s colours include vibrant pastels and neon hues as well as washed out denim and light greys.

I will break the fashion down into stereotypical 80s cliques, so you can see which one fits your style best. Here are some 80s wardrobe essentials:

P.S. My insight is based entirely on 80s TV shows (I watch a lot of those cause I have no life).

The 80s jock style:

If you wanna pull off the 80s jock style, you absolutely need to have an 80s varsity letterman jacket. Here’s what I’m talking about:


You can also choose to wear light blue jeans and a white T-shirt underneath the jacket.

Another typical outfit 80s jock style involves the tight vest, like Slater in Saved By the Bell. If you’re brave enough, also go for the high rise jeans (“bell pants”) and the big 80s hair (mohawk not compulsory)

Saved by the Bell

The 80s rocker:

If you want to pull off the 80s rocker/ bad boy look from The Breakfast Club, the most important thing you need is a baggy checked shirt, and a white camisole underneath.

If you wanna go full rocker, then be Charlie Sheen in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Look at that gorgeous leather jacket!

The nerd

Here’s how you can achieve the 80s nerd look in four steps: Close your eyes, open your wardrobe, pick clothes at random and put them on. TA-DA! You now look just like Screech in Saved by the Bell. Jokes aside, I’d definitely borrow some of those colourful shirts, at least for Halloween.

Fake_ID's_-_42_screech wildshirts2saved-bythebell-11

The preppy guy:

For the 80s preppy guy look, here are three iconic characters: Zach Morris (Saved by the Bell), Duckie (Pretty in Pink) and Ronald Miller (Can’t buy me love). Not only is their fashion sense awesome, but their on screen personalities are great. I am inlove with all three of them.

duckie-dale-costume-shoes duckiequote patrick-dempsey01 tumblr_lq33p0jomr1qabm2oo1_500 tumblr_lwxjsdCsgY1qcyuugo1_500 tumblr_md8gygi9Ds1qbxd75o1_500

But that’s just me and my opinion. What would you wear? Or what would you like to see a guy wearing?

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