Fashion in the Nineties

90s Vintage Fashion

Having been born in the late ‘80s but growing up in the ’90s, I see myself as both of an ‘80s and a ‘90s girl. Music-wise, I prefer the ‘80s just because the music was cheesier and it sounds great at karaoke. But who can deny the awesomeness of the 90s with icons such as Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Olsen Twins, and every boy band with a cute blonde guy?

The 90s weren’t vintage until 4 years ago if you think about it, and it makes me feel like I’ve lived a really long life when people refer to 90s clothes as ‘vintage fashion’. I swear I still have a pair of baggy jeans and a few pairs of tube socks in the back of my wardrobe.

Here is my top selection of trends from the Nineties:

  1. Baby tees and baggy jeans

What do Drew Barrymore, TLC and Gwen Stefani have in common? They NO DOUBT know how to wear baby tees and baggy jeans! (awful pun, sorry)

imagestlc-biopic-ratings-meant-to-be2.   Gwen-stefani

2)      The Looney Tunes T-shirt

To qualify as one of the ‘cool kidz’ in the Nineties, you had to own a Looney Tunes baggy T-shirt with a cartoon character dressed in urban attire. Fact.

1207235 loony

3)      Bandanas

Bandanas became popular towards the end of the nineties and were worn usually with dungarees and a T-shirt but some people soon found that bandanas could easily replace underwear.


4)     90s anti-fashion

The Nineties had their fair share of fashion rebels who refused to conform to ‘ridiculous’ fashion norms and came up with their own extreme trend. The only ‘extreme’ things about anti-fashion, however, were the ripped jeans and the double shirts – one long-sleeved unbuttoned shirt worn over another buttoned-up shirt. Also known as ‘grunge’.


5)     Fanny packs

Still a mystery to me why they were popular in the first place, they are now showing signs of becoming cool again. Only the other day I found myself in Urban Outfitters where a whole shelf was filled with fanny packs. Apart from sounding rude, they have the ‘unique’ functionality of keeping your money safe and making you look like a kangaroo mother.


6)      Flower Pot skirts

I remember my mum bought my sister and I a pair each back in the day when no one else in school had them. We thought we were very cool initially but after being asked 100 times why we’re wearing skirts on top of trousers, we decided that flower pots weren’t for us.

7)      Overalls/ Dungarees

These are definitely cool again; especially short ones, in the summer – complete with ankle ruffle socks and a miniature back-pack.


8) Miniature back-packs

Like, regular back-packs but small.

And the list goes on and on… jelly shoes, backward caps, tube socks, knee-length socks, slap bracelets…

Say what you want about the Nineties, but people back then knew how to have fun with clothes.

What did you use to own in the Nineties?