Vintage vs. Retro

What is the difference between ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’?

For a long time I secretly didn’t know the difference between vintage and retro. I actually thought they were one and the same thing and I’m pretty sure I used them in a sentence at one point. Oops.

Now I am much much wiser; so wise that I feel I can teach you what the difference is.

What does vintage mean?

You may call ‘vintage’ anything that is older than 20 years (that includes me). So, if in 2014 you’ve found a really nice dress from 1995, it would be wrong to call it ‘vintage’. That dress, unfortunately, only qualifies as ‘old’. But keep it in your wardrobe for a year and you’re suddenly classy and sophisticated. But only if you wash it.



What does retro mean?

Retro is something that imitates a style from the past. Like the recent flatforms, or the statement/slogan T-shirts imitating 90s and 80s fashion. Some people say vintage can be retro, but retro can never be vintage. But I think there’s an exception.

Imagine looking at an old picture of your grandma in the 40s and she’s wearing a low-hem skirt imitating 20s fashion. If you currently own that skirt, that means the skirt is vintage but it was also once retro. 



Use them in a sentence

If you find the above confusing, here are a few examples of sentences you could use to show that you know the difference between vintage and retro:

1. ‘Vintage means older than 20 years old, retro just means something that imitates a style from the past’ – This sentence will really prove that you know the difference.

2. Let’s go to Topshop! I want to get that 70s retro dress.

3. I was really disappointed with that vintage market. Most things were from the Noughties.

Hope this helped you understand all you need to know about vintage and retro. If I missed anything, please let me know in the comment section.

Top 10 Eighties Movies for Fashion Inspiration

There is nothing like coming home from a rough day at work and sitting down to watch an ’80s teen movie. There’s something about the way people acted and dressed back then that makes you escape the present and fall inlove with the Eighties.

Firstly, kids those days had no mobile phones or social media and that instantly made them cooler than a lot of teenagers nowadays.

Secondly, most of these movies treat the subject of love and friendship in a more genuine way than teen movies currently do.

Thirdly, teenagers and people in general were so daring with their outfits and hairstyles (read about Fashion in the Eighties) and it just seems as if they weren’t afraid to experiment and stand out.

At least that’s how it was in the movies. So here is a list of my top 10 favourite movies from the Eighties:

1)  Can’t Buy me love

I love this movie a lot! I didn’t think much of it as I started watching it, but as the plot unwrapped  not only did I get a lot of inspiration from Cindy – most popular girl in school, but also learned that no matter how cool you are, you still can’t buy someone’s love (literally or otherwise).

Can't-buy-me-love-1 Can't-buy-me-love-2 Can't-buy-me-love-4

2) Loverboy

‘Loverboy’ Randy meets quite a few ladies during his summer vacation, all older than him and all with a unique sense of style. The outfits I like most in this movies are the frocks and vibrant two-piece suits worn by Randy’s ‘girlfriends’: 

Loverboy Loverboy2Loverboy5 Loverboy1

3) Pretty in Pink

This is probably the best source for ’80s fashion inspiration; Pretty in Pink is the main reason I decided to write this post. There are many references to fashion and style in this movie, and the main character, Molly, and her best buddy Duckie are perfect examples of 80s fashionistas. Even though she gets mocked for her style, I think we can all agree she looks pretty darn cool. She also makes me want to wear more pink.

   Pretty-in-Pink-Molly_l Pretty-in-Pink-granny-chic

4) Fast Times at Ridgemont High

This movie is just crazy, the perfect example of 80s high school movie, it has every character from the stoner, to the jock and promiscuous girl. It’s based on a real highschool which the director of the movie attended undercover in order to represent teenage life accurately.


5) Girls just want to have fun

It’s great to see young, innocent Sarah Jessica Parker in a role so different to Sex and the City. The role suits her perfectly and she sure can dance! This film is very girly and a lot of fun. (I don’t want to give too much away)

6) Ferris Bueller’s day off

Ferries Bueller is a very cheeky teenager who tries everything possible in order to skip school. His techniques are hilarious and his luck incredible. He has a best friend who does him favours all the time, a pretty girlfriend with lovely style and everybody (but his sister) loves him! This film will cheer you up any day.

7) Say Anything

John Cusack is such a don in that long mac. And how romantic is the scene with the huge boombox? This is a movie about first loves and having to grow up. Diane’s style is classic and simple and I love that she wears a lot of pastels.

8) Heathers

All of the ‘Heathers’ in this film are slightly deranged (some more than others). What I enjoyed most are the preppy outfits and all the effortless chic when it comes to their outfits and hair.

 The Heathers 

9) Tuff Turf

Tuff Turf is about a guy who fails to make friends at his new school and gets in trouble constantly. Most of the characters in this film are unnecessarily angry. Apart from young Robert Downey Junior <3. Ok, I admit, I only watched the movie to see him.

10) The Breakfast Club

Molly Ringwald is again the girl with the best fashion sense (just like Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles – which I have yet to see).

What are your favourite ’80s  teen movies? Do you know any others that I haven’t talked about? Help me watch them all!

Fashion in the Eighties

Why I love the 80s

I could talk so much about the ’80s and still not cover how exciting a time that was for fashion. The ’80s are the most daring and experimental fashion era in my opinion, possibly more so than the Sixties.

80s Tshirts Fashion Vintage  Denim Jackets 80s Fashion Eighties Vintage Fashion 80s Madonna Denim Jacket 80s Fashion Vintage  80s Outfit Fashion Jackets Vintage 

Fingerless gloves, miniskirts, leggings, leg warmers, high waist jeans, the headband, acid wash jeans and denim jackets are all part of the daring ’80s fashion decade; The bright, heavy make-up, shoulder pads and neon leg warmers are just a few examples of how bold people used to be with their outfits.

Statement/Slogan T-shirts

One very important item of clothing in the ‘80s was the statement T-shirt. The most popular statement T-shirts revolved around social or political causes but eventually became means of expressing any type of message:


Shoulder pads

Another iconic feature of the 80’s (along with the wild haircuts and neon everything) were the shoulder pads. The eighties were definitely not the first decade the shoulder pads were popular. As mentioned in my previous post (Fashion in the Fourties and Fifties) shoulder pads had been around long before the 80s.

When I think of 80s shoulder pads I can’t help but talk about the denim and leather oversized jackets. Here are a few of my favourites:


The Loud, Slouchy Jumper

Who doesn’t recognise the iconic ‘80s loud (often neon) oversized jumper, worn over a mini skirt or a pair of leggings.


Speaking of leggings, the shiny leggings were another popular piece of clothing, as illustrated below by teenage boys and Madonna:

Needless to add, I absolutely love the 80s – especially fashion, music and movies. What’s your favourite thing about the Eighties?