How NOT to do a 60s beehive

Try this at home, they said. It will look great, they said.

Aren’t you guys tired of all those beauty blogs showing you how to do this and that like it’s the easiest thing in the world?
I mean, I feel like hair tutorials should come with a difficulty warning. Like, don’t attempt this if you have two left hands. Or: only try this if you don’t mind people pointing at you in the street.
I feel like no one’s being honest about these things anymore!

To prove my rant is justified, I shall show you what happens when I attempt to copy a 60s hairstyle.
Being a massive fan of the 60s, I decided I will try to copy the famous beehive hairstyle. And so I found a hair tutorial that looked easy enough. (P.S. Shoutout to Tavi Gevinson for being hilarious). Here it is:

So far so good.

My friend Emma kindly volunteered to be my model, so we grabbed the camera, and exactly 5 bobby pins and proceeded with tousling her hair slightly.
‘I don’t wanna look like Amy Winehouse’ she warned me.
Halfway through the process I realised 5 pins might not be enough so we settled for half a beehive. And wouldn’t you know it, we managed to create a perfect one.


My failed attempt at the 60s beehive hairstyle

My failed attempt at the 60sbeehive hairstyle

My beehive would make most bees crawl out with embarrassment and most people laugh hysterically. Which is what we did. We laughed so much I cried a little.

Here’s Emma LOLing.



Have you had any similar experiences? Share them with us below 🙂