Fashion in the Sixties and Seventies

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1960’s Vintage fashion

The 1960’s are probably the most iconic time in the world of fashion due to the diverse number of trends emerging at the same time. The ’60s provided a break from tradition and allowed many influences in women’s fashion, including ‘flower-power’, mod and the miniskirts. This is my break down of the Sixties:

Conservative ’60s

At the beginning of the 60’s fashion didn’t differentiate a great deal from the 50’s. The most predominant colours were: navy blues, tweeds and dark browns and pinks. Two piece suits were very popular and they consisted of pencil skirts and short tailored jackets.

earlysixtiesjacket  IMG_7489

The mini skirt revolution

As time went on, the conservative look and the defined waistline have started to shift towards a more relaxed trend with dropped-waistline skirts and dresses, like in the 20’s – only shorter…much shorter. 60s miniskirts


The mod look included miniskirts and cut-out low heeled shoes and androgynous jackets. Accessories included over-the-shoulder handbags and colourful jewellery. The Mod look was well-tailored with straight cuts and complemented by geometric accessories.

MOD60s 60smod mod fashion twiggy1??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? twiggystyle

I absolutely love the mod look!


The late 1960s were the exact opposite – with psychedelic, tie-dye shirts, floral dresses and skirts, long hair and beads and turtle necks all in bright colours. Women often wore short skirts and men wore capes and tunics.  Parents all over the world were driven mad by their rebellious, free-spirited teenage girls.

hippie nicole richie hippie hippie4 hippy

The Skinny Sixties

Towards the very end of the 60’s, the hippies ceased to shock society and women’s fashion adopted a mix of influences mostly characterised by the long, lean look which made women look tall and skinny.

1970’s Vintage fashion

Four things pop into my head when I think of the ’70s: Disco, ABBA, platforms, and that seventies show called…well, That Seventies Show!

70s (1) 70s 70sss abba

1970s fashion started with a continuation of the mini skirts, bell-bottoms and the androgynous hippie look from the late 1960s but it soon gained its own characteristics, such as:

Platform shoes (worn by both women and men!)

1970-fashion-platform-shoes-ad1 funky-70s-platform-shoes-9

High-rise flared jeans and trousers

High-rise skirts and trousers are already back in fashion, I wonder when flared jeans will return to our wardrobes.

70s-fashion-bell-bottoms 70s-Fashion-flared

Tie-dye Shirts

These were also very popular in the Sixties!

70s tie dye tidye

Mexican peasant blouses

Okay, these are not typical mexican peasant blouses but how cool are they (?)

70s mexican mexicanpeasantpeasants

The midi and the maxi dress

I have never been able to pull off a maxi dress. I blame my stick-like arms.

maxi midi skirt

and my personal favourite: the pleated skirt